Anonymous asked: This has been bothering me for a while. So will this doctor ever regenerate. When he dose he mostly gets a new companion will this event ever happen in the story.

You guys really don’t want us to spoil the entire series for you, do you?


hoploo asked: Is the jot mini-series going to be cannon?



Anonymous asked: okay, so I know that tick tock can't show very much emotion. But can he move his ears as in flicking them when he's annoyed?

Yes he can, his ears are one of the few indicators of his emotions. He can also slightly move his eyebrows. It’s mostly his eyes and mouth that have the most trouble moving any more than very basic movement.


Anonymous asked: How long till the next episode or the short?

Let’s just assume right now we don’t have due dates for anything right now, there’s a slight delay in production since the order of episodes had to be switched around and some members are dealing with college related things.

We’re really glad people are excited for more content though! We want to get things done as fast as possible but some things can’t be helped


Anonymous asked: When will Jot's Journal be out?

When it’s ready :)

It’s a full length episode and is currently in production. We’ll consider making a progress checklist for it.


xgamer99 asked: when are you going to put daleks in the show

When we’re good and ready to.


thequestioningbrony asked: (I know that we are allowed to talk about Discorded Whooves but hear me out!) *ahem* if The two Whooves are in different universes does Disorded Whooves know about regular Whooves? Cuz they both have a Tardis and all that fun stuff (daleks,cyber men, empty child's, ect.) can the be in the same universe? Being the doctor and all.

Not the same universe, they met different ways, different history for each universe, different creatures, different circumstances.

Discorded whooves used to be a normal Doctor after all, he can be found here:


Anonymous asked: In your last post you said that there was a whooves and assistant episode called treasure hunt, I checked your youtube channel and see that there is no treasure hunt episode so is it a joke or is it real?

Are you sure you were looking at the right blog? We can find no such post.


derpy1327 asked: Hey guys! So, progress report?

Mostly scripts right now, working on a final version of the short, working on the full episode of Jot’s Journal.