Pennoink put together some samples of the music in part 2 so you all know how progress is going!

Part 2 will hopefully be ready at the end of the month or beginning of next month!

TitleEpisode 9 Part 2 Music Sample

Here it is, everyone! Episode 9 Part 1!

Album Art


Sorry for the long wait, here is a trailer for “Star Struck”.

An old and familiar enemy returns. But this time, something is different.

ArtistPonies With Pockets Productions
TitleEpisode 9 Trailer
AlbumDoctor Whooves and Assistant

Have a silly little blooper clip :)

To make up for lost time, have a small teaser clip!

(Still in a slightly raw state, no SFX and volume adjustment still needed)

ArtistDoctor Whooves and Assistant
TitleEpisode 9 Clip

And here it is, our episode short “Domestics”!


All the background music for the episode has been composed, all that’s left is finishing the musical itself which at least has the biggest part finished!

Here is a little preview of one of the songs from the very talented Pennoink!

Album Art



Hello everyone, Pennoink here! First of all I would like to thank Pony With Pockets Productions for giving me this opportunity to work with them in this big project which is Doctor Whooves And Assistant, I´m very thankful for it. As you all may been told already, the episode is more than an hour long with a musical composed/arranged by me and with the cooperation of many other people as well. Now I wanted to have a word with all of you, since it´s better to explain of why has this episode been delayed so much time, and it´s due to the music department of which I´m in charge. My work is not only to compose the musical but the background music as well (which is almost an hour total). I´m in no means a professional musician or  audio technician, just a newcomer who likes to do what he loves most.

I know many of you wanted this to be aired for the 23th as much as I do, but real life has been pretty hard these last couple of months, trying to balance between my college priorities and doing the music seems pretty exhausting. However, I´m not trying to use that as an excuse for my delay, instead, all I´m asking at this point is for your valuable patience. This sort of stuff takes time, especially when I have to compose, mix and master all at the same time while I select/put the subbmited vocals (more than 50 people) and the main ones to bring up the final product.

So far, there´s been alot of progress: Vocals of the submission have been already selected, BGM music is 60-70% done and there´s only one part of the musical left to compose. Now to make things clear, this is NOT exactly a 10 min musical, it may varied depending of the length of the last part that needs to be composed (between 7-10 min). I hope this
chitchat shed some light about the episode progress and as a reward, we now leave you with the second part of the musical (still needs some adjustmens and a few more
voices and SFX, but almost done). Thank you all for being awesome fans! Happy 23th and enjoy the premiere of MLP S4 and the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, we´ll
finish up soon :).


Pierce: While we may not have an episode for all of you today, we wanted to show something for today since it’s a special occasion for both Doctor Who and My Little Pony. A lot of excitement is going around and we want to share that excitement a bit.

So here is a draft of Act II of the musical. No sound effects added yet, and there will be more voices during the middle, but this is a thank you for our followers and fans and to those wonderful people who contributed their voices for this song to come together.

Music by Pennoink

Lyrics by SonicSuns

ArtistPennoink + SonicSuns
TitleReady For War
AlbumWhooves and Assistant OST